About OpenCBDB

June 10th, 2012 by

Hey.  Welcome to OpenCBDB.

One of the things that has bugged me about nearly ever single Comic Collecting software is the reporting tools and how they help in actual comic collecting.  You know, the collecting of comics.  Nearly every comic con I’ve been to I’ve seen tons of collectors rummaging through tables and tables of back issue boxes.  They’ve all had their notebooks or crumbled pieces of paper with a list of the issues they’re missing.  They all look pretty much similar:

Amazing Spider-man

365, 366, 367, 368, 369,…

So one thing I’ve looked for in every comic collecting software is the ability to make this list for me.  I put in the comics I have. It knows the ones I need. Right?  Seems pretty simple.  I’ve tried most of the comic collecting software available for the past 10 years.  Nothing.  I’ve submitted this feature request to nearly every one of them.

I made a quick web DB for my friends to use on my personal web server.  It was pretty neat.  We used it to keep track of our inventories and we built it with the features we wanted.  Then it crashed.  So we figured, if we have to re-write it, might as well open it up for everyone.

One of the problems we had was inputting all the base data.  Most sites online don’t allow for the ability to link or scrape their information.  That’s another reason why we made this site.  It’s open for anyone to do anything they want with the information.  We’re all fans of comics.  This info is the same to all of us.  Who cares who scrapes it or uses it.