New Pull-List Additions 2014: Black Science

January 28th, 2014 by

black science 01

It’s a new year full of promise and Image has even more to offer me as far as great reads go. Already Image holds the #1 & #2 spots in my top 5 titles to read monthly and now Image & Rick Remender have added a third. That’s right, Image Comics holds the top 3 spots in my favorite monthly titles to read. Today we are going to discuss the latest edition to that top 5: Rick Remender’s Black Science.

New Pull-List Additions: June 2013

June 19th, 2013 by

Astro City

Wow. June has arrived and so have about half a dozen new titles that have me totally¬†clamoring¬†for the newsstands. (HAH… newsstands) But seriously, in the last thirty days I’ve added five new titles to the pull-list and three just came out in the last 2 weeks. Normally I grab off the shelf for at least three months before I even begin to think about committing a title to the pull-list and in reality it’s usually more like six months. (I still haven’t committed to the Fantastic Four Titles) But at least five number 1’s in the last thirty days have earned that title a spot on the pull-list with just a single issue. Let’s talk June’s pull-list additions.