New Pull-List Additions 2014: Black Science

January 28th, 2014 by

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It’s a new year full of promise and Image has even more to offer me as far as great reads go. Already Image holds the #1 & #2 spots in my top 5 titles to read monthly and now Image & Rick Remender have added a third. That’s right, Image Comics holds the top 3 spots in my favorite monthly titles to read. Today we are going to discuss the latest edition to that top 5: Rick Remender’s Black Science.

black science verticalOur main protagonist is a former member of the Anarchistic Order of Science. (Can I join?!) Grant McKay has developed black science technology that allows him and a small group to breakdown the walls of reality. He can jump between dimensions.  It seems that his first inaugural jump has landed Grant and his small group into a precarious situation. Our Black Science story begins with our protagonists being pursued by giant eel mounted fish-men wielding harpoons and slings. It’s a life or death situation in which Grant is racing to save his family, outrun warring fish-men tribes and trying his damnedest to beat the clock, for Grant’s dimension jumping technology was damaged on first jump… (or sabotaged!!)  The beacon is now broken and counting down from one hour. Once the timer reaches zero, the beacon will make another jump, with or without those who don’t make it back to the beacon safely. Will everyone make it back in time?

“From Pillar to Post”… Our second issue begins after the beacon makes it second jump to an entirely different, somewhat recognizable, landscape. The group finds itself in what looks to be like the trenches of WWI, only with a slight difference… It’s the Germans vs the invading Native Americans and the Native Americans are equipped with futuristic tech. Not only are they on the wrong side of a one-sided war, but this time the beacon countdown is four hours. Will the party survive long enough to fix the beacon or make the next jump?

We’ll have to wait for Black Science #3 to hit the stores to find out. Lucky for us, it’s release date is tomorrow! (January 29th, 2014)

For me, Black Science is a throw back to the days of EC’s ‘New Trend‘ books Weird Science and Weird Fantasy. (I love those books) The concept of dimension jumping opens the door to unlimited creative output. The vastness of new realties is only limited by Remender‘s mind. I can’t wait to see all the different landscapes he and art team can come up with. I believe this story can and will go anywhere and I’m ready for the ride. This is, in my opinion, Remender’s best work since Fear Agent, which is another fantastic Sci-fi adventure book initially published through Image and then later Dark Horse.

Until Next Time…

Black Science is the first 2014 new add to the pull-list. Currently Image is dominating my favorite monthly reads. (1) Saga, (2) East of West, (3) Black Science and then (4) Wonder Woman & (5) Forever Evil. Kind of interesting to think that my top 3 reads are not only Image but Sci-Fi/Fantasy reads.

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