Hidden Treasure: Free Detective Comics 27

September 9th, 2015 by

Detective Comics 27

I have three small kids ranging from 2-8 years old. They love reading comics and books alike, and as a result I pick up all sorts of free and cheap comics to place in my spinner rack at home for their reading leisure. As you can image its full of Free Comic Book Day titles and any free promo comic I pick up from my local shop, Comics 2 Games. I just happen to be cleaning up our reading room (putting books away my kids didn’t put back on their own) and I noticed on my spinner rack the Detective Comics #27 freebie that DC put out back in July. I can remember grabbing and thinking how cheap it was that they re-used the Greg Capullo Batman Zero cover for it. It’s a free comic, so I gave it to the kids. Upon glancing at the cover this time around, I noticed something I hadn’t before. One name caught my attention. Sean Murphy. Why hadn’t I noticed his name before? Interest peaked, I sat down and gave it a read and holy hell was I pleasantly surprised, and oh by the way… it has a very interesting impact on the current Batman story arc.