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DC’s The New 52: JLA


If you read comics, then you are aware of DC Comics bold move to relaunch it’s entire universe. A lot of very good storytelling has come out of this event. 9 months in and it’s only getting better for most of these titles. DC took a risk and it’s paying out in dividends for readers. Right now I’m reading 12 of them regularly and still pick up new ones here and there. (Earth 2 and World’s Finest are pretty good!) Even more exciting is the fact that the old baddies are starting to show. Flash is visiting Gorilla City and Aquaman is hot on the trail after Black Manta! So with the New 52 in full swing, here is my Best and worst of the New 52.

Batman Vol 2 #1

Batman Vol 2 #1

HIGH: Batman Vol 2 #1-10

The Scoop: I’ve been blathering about this title since day one. Hooked since the first ish, I’ve tried my best to peddle this thing to everyone I know. The art, the colors, the tone, writing style, this title hits on all cylinders and hasn’t missed a beat. I implore anyone who can read to READ this book. The story thus far is about an underground Gotham Illuminati, called the Court of Owls, who have for centuries dictated what goes on in Gotham. Most disturbing of all, we find out that the court has a long history of murdering Waynes.

Artist: Greg Capullo is most likely known for his long standing run as the artist on the hit Image title Spawn. I was never much of a Spawn fan (I did read the book early on), but I certainly loved Greg’s art on the book. Greg was destined to draw Batman. I love taking my time while reading Batman and often flip back through the ish multiple times so that I can take in Greg’s stylish depiction of Gotham. I can’t wait to see him churn out some of Batman’s most famous rogues. (For extra enjoyment I recommend navigating panel-to-panel with the comixology app)

Writer: What can I say? Hats off to the wordsmith. Scott writes the Batman of my dreams. Dark, gritty and no nonsense. He digs in and gives us the play-by-play of the flawless Batman brain. He has done some some of the unthinkable, he is growing the Wayne family tree, horizontally.

What I can’t wait for: If Scott and Greg can do these kinds of wonders with the new material they have added to the Bat Mythos (court of owls), I simply can’t wait to see what they are going to do with the likes of the Joker, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow or any one of the other traditional Batman rogues.

What do I want them to tackle next:¬†Ra’s al Ghul or the Scarecrow

Aquaman Vol 7 #1

Awuaman Vol 7 #1

LOW: Aquaman Vol 7 #1-10

The Poop: Aquaman is back and living on the coast, while trying to adjust to life on American land. (Boring) Some of this back-n-forth with the locals is slightly amusing. The first few issues deal with deep sea crevice dwelling fish people who like to kidnap and cocoon human beings for food. This story isn’t altogether bad, its mildly entertaining and has some action. After the fish people are taken care of we are introduced to the ‘Others’. They are protectors of ancient Atlantean relics, whom which Arthur used to have adventures with. We learn that Black Manta is out to obtain these relics at any cost. Meanwhile we learn that Mera, Arthur’s lover, was originally sent out by her father to murder him so that he could claim the throne of Atlantis for himself. Instead of killing him, Mera fell in love with him. (aww how sweet)

Artist: Ivan Reis has been working the DC circuit for a while now. Notably he and¬†Geoff Johns have been teamed up together on Green Lantern, Blackest Night and Brightest day. Ivan has a good style for action. Something I think this books seriously lacks. Unleash Ivan’s strengths and get Aquaman kicking someone’s ass.

Writer: Geoff Johns. I can’t say enough good things about his breadth of work. Geoff has a knack for taking a character and bringing them back to their roots while building up a supporting cast around the main character. I’ve read all his Flash and Green Lantern work from day one. The man can build a character. Yes, he does take his sweet time while going about it. The payoff is usually worth it. He is the only reason I’m reading the title. I trust him, but I’m beginning to wonder if Aquaman has the supporting cast to maintain my interest in this book. He has Mera… and a dog. Black Manta… and the Ocean Master. I don’t know that I will hang on to this title much longer. I need some payout and I need it soon.

What I am looking for: Get Aquaman back into the GD water! I don’t want to read comics about Mera trying to buy dog food at the local super market. I don’t really give a rats ass about a bunch of E-listers called the ‘Others’. Give me plenty of deep sea adventures pitting Arthur against the Black Manta, more deep sea crevice dwelling fish people, Mera’s father or even better… OCEAN MASTER! Make this book all action and make it all action now!

What do I want them to tackle next: Making me care about Aquaman

Until Next Time… Do yourself a favor and hop into your local store and pick up Batman: the Court of the Owls TPB and snatch up the most recent Batman issues off the shelf. You’d be doing yourself a favor.

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